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Various Artists
"No Funk, No Chop Volume 1 (Underground African Funk & Disco Hits 1977 - 1982)"

We jump on the bus to find some afro funk & disco bombs.

In Ghana "to chop" is to eat, so the phrase No Funk No Chop quite simply means; deliver afro funk and disco bombs, or no one will eat today. With this in mind we jump on the bus to begin our journey. We find our man Gregoire Lawani in fine form with one of the greatest party starters "Africa Land Of Soul". Brethren Tany Welck tells the world that he is indeed a "Sexy Man". Peter Mukoko "Esimo Esimo" delivers the breakdown to end all breakdowns. Django Strong supplies us with his super slick "Hoo Dou Hoo Mine". Jide Obi "Give's It Everything he has got", just listen to that bass! Fosto transports us with a synth laden boogie portraying his vision of Africa, K3 Band give us the "Feeling" and we reach our destination ending with Tchamy Patterson's "Camerounaise Children". So, let's eat!!
We hope you enjoyed your trip!

01. G.Lawani - Africa, Land Of Soul
Written by Gregoire Lawani. Produced by Slim Pezin.
Backing Vocals by Miss Antoinette Gbrassor, Miss Elise Nkakam & Miss
Julienne Nkakam.
Published by Editions Musicales Le Minotaure Sarl / Universal Music
02. Tany Welck - Sexy Man
Written by Tany Welck.
Produced by Colette Lacoste.
Published by Dharma Songs
03. Peter Mukoko - Esimo Esimo
Written by Peter Mukoko. Produced by Slim Pezin.
Published by Copyright Control
04. Django Strong - Hoo Dou Hoo Mine
Written by M. Njocke & D. N' Guessan.
Published by Dharma Songs
05. Jide Obi - Give It Everything You Got
Written by Jide Obi.
Published by Copyright Control
06. Fotso - Africa
Written by Fotso Haiata.
Published by Dharma Songs
07. K3 Band - Feeling
Written by Emmanuel Quaye, I Shall Banini (I Shall B), The K3 Band & Sammy Lartey (Jnr).
Published by Dharma Songs
08. Tchamy Patterson - Camerounaise Children
Written by Tchamy Patterson.
Published by Dharma Songs
Compiled By Stevie Kotey.
Stevie would like to thank Sean P, Rich Elson, Eugene, Craig Cristoid, DJ Loud-E, Ethan Modder, Oscar Wilson & my amazing team Amber, Felix & Reuben. Special thanks to Sonafric, Disques Esperance, Africa New Sound, Tchamy Patterson.
Audio Restoration By Sean P. Mastered By Eugene @ Cromon Tor. Artwork By Rich Elson.
(P) 2020 African Roadtrip

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